Cuneraweg 9c
4051 CE Ochten – The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)85 – 902 02 40


If we want to achieve a global shift towards plant-based proteins, we have to produce products with the highest quality. Our products meet the highest standards and expectations in order to guarantee the highest quality. Our plant-based meat alternatives are also called the fourth generation of meat alternatives and are almost impossible to distinguish from ‘real’ meat, because of the fleshy structure and firm ‘bite’.

To ensure the quality of our products, we have a quality department. This department carries out microbiological and physical analyses, establishes procedures and protocols for our production and is constantly looking for improvement. This way we control the hygiene and safety of our products. Quality has our highest priority. In addition, we are BRC-7 certified (AA).

Currently, soy is the only allergen that we allow in our production. So our products will never contain traces of other allergens, such as gluten, nuts or milk. Nor do ingredients of animal origin enter our factory.

Our products meet the highest
expectations and quality requirements