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4051 CE Ochten – The Netherlands
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Bureau Zonnige Zaken delivers 2500 solar panels for industrial estate Ochten

On the roofs of Fruityline and Ojah, 2500 new glass/glass Solitek solar panels were placed that produce more than 800,000 MWp for the production of fresh fruit juices and the plant-based meat alternative Plenti. The total area is now 1,3 MWp of glass/glass panels. The supplier of the solar panels is Bureau Zonnige Zaken. They also coordinated the project and took care of the engineering.

The choice for glass/glass panels is based on the long life span, the fire resistancy of the panels (class A) and the very limited degradation. This all ensures the efficiency of the panels remains high.

Solitek panels are produced in Lithuania, entirely using renewable energy. Bureau Zonnige Zaken imports these state-of-the-art panels.

Ojah dreams of a plant-based revolution and wants to stimulate this transition with the production of sustainable, plant based protein products. Therefore we use solar panels to make the production of our products even more sustainable. Improve the world, start with yourself, these are the company values we are trying to keep.