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Vegan Junkfood Bar and Heppi from Ojah

Vegan Junk Food Bar is the world’s first restaurant chain to be launching vegan Heppi® Ribs this week

Vegan Junk Food Bar is the world’s first restaurant chain to be launching vegan Heppi® Ribs this week Amsterdam – The popular, Dutch restaurant chain Vegan Junk Food bar is the first restaurant worldwide to be selling the Heppi® Ribs in a collaboration with meat alternative producer Ojah, who launched “The World’s First Vegan Ribs” last year December at FIE Paris. After Ojah’s successful launch of the pea-based texture that mimics the taste and mouthfeel of slow cooked pork ribs at FIE Paris, Ojah’s next goal was to set out a launch in the Dutch Food service, before making Heppi® widely available for the FMCG industry worldwide. “Partnering with Vegan Junk Food Bar on this exciting launch was a no-brainer”: says Joeri Hollink, Head of Product Development at Ojah. “Vegan

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Sustainability is an important part of our company values at Ojah. We try to do everything possible to reduce our footprint in this world and to contribute to a better environment. For example, we had LED lighting installed in our building, and have installed solar cells on top of our factory to create sustainable energy. Investing in sustainability We recently made another investment at Ojah in the context of a more sustainable society. We have found a way of writing in which we use less paper and also support a good cause: this is  Correctbook. Correctbook produces notebooks that are endlessly erasable for everyone in the world. When you buy a Correctbook notebook, Ojah reduces its paper waste, and also supports projects for children in developing areas to have access

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Groei vleesvervangers biedt kansen voor telers

Growth meat substitutes offers opportunities for producers

The demand for meat alternatives is growing rapidly. Manufacturers need plant-based raw materials. That increased demand provides opportunities for producers of protein crops, says Frank Giezen who is the CEO of meat substitute producer Ojah. Whether you find meat substitutes useless or meaningful, fact remains that the demand for these products has increased in recent years. The market is still in development. An average Dutch household spends about 13 euros to meat substitutes and 224 euros to processed meat. But analysts at ABN Amro predict a growth of 10 percent in 2020. Ojah, manufacturer for various high end brands, expects an increase of 50 percent of their own production this year. Giezen for sure knows that the increasing demand creates opportunities for growers in the Netherlands. ‘100 percent’. Western Europe

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Ojah BV announces the launch of 'The World’s First Vegan Ribs'

Ojah BV announces the launch of ‘The World’s First Vegan Ribs’

Ochten, The Netherlands – Ojah BV will launch the world’s first vegan ribs in December, during the Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Paris. The ribs are made with Ojah’s newly developed texture, called Heppi™. The World’s First Vegan Ribs The World’s First Vegan Ribs will seduce even hardcore meat lovers and, according to Joeri Hollink, Head of Product Development, “will be dripping all over your lips and spoil your favourite T-shirt”. No neighbourhood BBQ, family dinner, or rib burger to-go will ever be the same again. The ribs come as a ‘rack’ of approximately 10 ribs, making them ideal for grilling on a BBQ or for quickly warming-up in the oven. As the ribs are boneless, they can be served on a bun to create a vegan rib burger.

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Bureau Zonnige Zaken delivers 2500 solar panels for industrial estate Ochten

On the roofs of Fruityline and Ojah, 2500 new glass/glass Solitek solar panels were placed that produce more than 800,000 MWp for the production of fresh fruit juices and the plant-based meat alternative Plenti. The total area is now 1,3 MWp of glass/glass panels. The supplier of the solar panels is Bureau Zonnige Zaken. They also coordinated the project and took care of the engineering. The choice for glass/glass panels is based on the long life span, the fire resistancy of the panels (class A) and the very limited degradation. This all ensures the efficiency of the panels remains high. Solitek panels are produced in Lithuania, entirely using renewable energy. Bureau Zonnige Zaken imports these state-of-the-art panels. Ojah dreams of a plant-based revolution and wants to stimulate this transition with

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Ojah announces Joint Venture with Korys & Kerry Taste & Nutrition

20th April 2018: Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition company, as part of its ambition to become a market leader in the supply of innovative plant proteins, has just announced a joint venture with Ojah BV, market leading pioneer in the production of plant-based meat alternatives based in the Netherlands. Kerry Taste and Nutrition will become the majority shareholder of the company, next to management and Korys, the investment holding of the Belgian Colruyt family. Going forward, Korys and Kerry will co-control the joint venture. This new partnership will focus on strengthening relations with current customers, establishing international opportunities and developing new plant-based products. This joint venture combines Ojah’s proprietary technology to produce “best-in-class” plant-based protein products, with Kerry’s 40 years of food focussed heritage, its extensive global insights and marketplace

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Food Ingredients Europe

Ojah at the Fi Europe

Ojah will exhibit again on this year’s FI Europe (food ingredients) in Frankfurt. FI Europe is the biggest food ingredient fair in Europe, bringing together the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers, research and development, production and marketing specialists. On November the 28th till the 30th we welcome you at our stand in Hall 11.1, number H80. During the fair we will present our Plenti assortment together with our latest developments. Click for more information on the FI Europe 2017

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Takeover Ojah by Korys

Korys invests in meat alternatives Brussels, 15th February 2017 – Korys, together with the management of Ojah BV, announces today the acquisition of Ojah BV, a pioneer in the production of the latest generation of textured meat alternatives. Ojah’s innovative and sustainable approach to some of the most pressing challenges in the food supply chain proved to be a perfect match with Korys’ core values. Ojah BV, a Dutch company located in Ochten, was founded early 2009 with the ambition to commercialise a process of ‘texturing’ vegetable proteins by using a ‘clean label’ High Moisture Extrusion (HME) technology and succeeded exceptionally well. The Company reported a significant profitable growth since its inception. Ojah introduced its products to the market in 2010, opened its own production facility in October 2011 and

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Second building & third extruder

Due to the rapid growth, Ojah had outgrown the production location. Fortunately, we had already seen this coming and had already bid on the adjacent building. Meanwhile, the renovation of the new part is in full swing. In the new part there will be a separate BBe hall for cooking, marinating and disbudding. Above the production hall are the new office spaces and company canteen. The photo on the right has been made in the new part. It is expected that the new part will be ready in the course of 2018. In total, Ojah will soon have an area of 3,140 square meters. Finally, there is the good news that the third extruder was ordered a while ago. It will not be long before the new extruder is delivered!

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