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Sustainability is an important part of our company values at Ojah. We try to do everything possible to reduce our footprint in this world and to contribute to a better environment.

For example, we had LED lighting installed in our building, and have installed solar cells on top of our factory to create sustainable energy.

Investing in sustainability

We recently made another investment at Ojah in the context of a more sustainable society.

We have found a way of writing in which we use less paper and also support a good cause: this is  Correctbook.

Correctbook produces notebooks that are endlessly erasable for everyone in the world. When you buy a Correctbook notebook, Ojah reduces its paper waste, and also supports projects for children in developing areas to have access to the same infinite writing experience.

Correctbook works the same as a paper notebook, but written words can simply be erased with the back of accompanying pen & the supplied wipe, but also with a cleaning sponge or a dry / damp cloth. This allows you to continue writing indefinitely in the same Correctbook.

Support for charity

Globally, there are 800 million people over the age of 15 who cannot read and write and 250 million children are going to school every day without pen and paper. Every Correctbook sold delivers a trimester of writing for these children within the development projects that are supported.

Correctbook’s goal is to provide 1 million children with an erasable notebook by 2023. With our purchase, we have facilitated no less than 6 years of writing in developing areas in Africa and contributed to fighting illiteracy in the world.

We at Ojah are very happy to support this solution against paper waste and contribute to this beautiful ambitious goal.

Click here for more information about Correctbook