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Clean label

Our products are clean label. Because of our invention, there are only two ingredients that are used in the production of Plenti, plant-based protein and water. Furthermore, no chemicals, allergens or E-numbers are added.

Clean label is becoming increasingly important. This is reflected in the growing resistance of consumers to unnecessary additions and the growing demand for clean label products. In addition, the consumer seems to make increasingly conscious choices in the area of food and more often goes for the healthier option.

The simplicity of our ingredients ensures that the end products based on Plenti distinguish themselves from other products in the market. Just look at the ingredient declaration and you will soon see what we mean by a clean label. We find it important that our products remain as pure as possible, even if the product we make is no longer comparable with the legume in its original form. Nevertheless, all good properties are retained and no additives or other additives are added.