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Plenti is guaranteed gluten-free. Frank Giezen (the director of Ojah), has a daughter with a gluten intolerance. She was the great motivation source for Frank to keep the meat alternative gluten-free. He wanted his daughter to be able to also enjoy the meat alternative he was developing. She is now a big fan, just like Frank’s other daughter. The pieces of Plenti are always the first to be eaten from their plate

Still, it would have been a lot easier to produce an alternative to meat, which includes wheat. From wheat gluten you can easily create a texture without too much effort, just think of bread. How we managed to make the meat alternative gluten-free? By using High Moisture Extrusion. This technique only uses two ingredients that go into the machines, namely flour of plant-based protein and water.

In our production we never work with gluten, to guarantee that our products contain absolutely no traces of gluten. Our partners are free to further process our products into finished products and possibly to add gluten. It is therefore possible that an end product with Plenti as an ingredient is not gluten-free.