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Heppi® is a 100% plant-based ingredient, made from yellow pea flour, water and seasoning. Nothing more. It is a High Moisture Extruded texture that delivers the bite, mouthfeel and juiciness of meat that carnivores appreciate. Heppi® is chock-full of proteins, making it ideal for consumers who want to reduce their meat intake but still want a meat-like experience.

Heppi® Ribs are juicy and tender, with a satisfying bite and spicy kick. The Ribs have the same WOW-effect as Plenti®. This newly texture is developed at our own factory in The Netherlands.

The ribs contain 21% protein and are low in carbohydrates (1,2%) making it very accessible for anyone to enjoy a sustainable meal.

They come in a boneless rack, which means twice as much plant meat compared to actual pork ribs, making them ideal for grilling on a BBQ or for quickly warming-up in the oven. As the ribs are boneless, the can be served on a bun to create a vegan rib burger.

The world’s first vegan ribs are 100% pea-based, additive-free, gluten-free and low in carbohydrates. With a minimal ingredient list of only yellow peas, water, and a protein content of 25%, this innovation also delivers from a nutritional point of view. But above all, these ribs are incredibly delicious!