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Plenti ProFiber™

Plenti® is a High Moisture Extruded (HME) texture made from soya protein and water. For the past 10 years Plenti has been acknowledged as one of the highest quality meat alternatives in the world, mostly known by consumers as plant based chicken chunks.

Plenti ProFiber™ is the very same protein-fiber that is found in Plenti’s plant-based chicken chunks. It is produced using Ojah’s unique HME process creating plant-based whole-muscle meat-like textures. The protein-fibers deliver a unique non-homogeneous structure, that enables product developers to create high quality meat alternatives with simple and existing technology used by the meat-processing industry. It is the ideal solution when texture, shape and exact weight per piece are key to a successful launch.

Plenti ProFiber™ is supplied frozen and is ready to process after tempering. When mixed with binding agents and flavouring, this mix can easily be shaped using standard forming equipment. The protein-fibres can also be used in hybrid applications or can even provide texture in cultured meat applications.

For companies that are interested in joining Ojah in the plant-based revolution, we have samples available and our experienced R&D team will provide support in getting the best result for your applications.

If you are interested to start using our Plenti ProFiber™ or want to receive samples, please send an e-mail to so our commercial team can get in touch with you.