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rich in protein

It is widely known that we as humans need to consume enough proteins to stay healthy. Our products are made from plant-based protein concentrate or isolate, which is particularly high in protein. Plenti roughly contains about 20% protein, which is comparable to the protein content in meat. This makes it an excellent protein rich alternative. In addition, more and more is known about the negative health effects of eating too much meat.

Many products we produce are made on the basis of soy, which is naturally high in protein. Soy can be seen as a very good meat alternative. Soy protein contains all 8 essential amino acids, and in the right composition, which our body itself can not produce. Soy protein is therefore almost identical to meat protein. The absorption speed of these proteins is also comparable (see also PDCAAS). This makes our meat alternative extremely suitable for vegetarians and vegans, who need plant-based protein-rich food to get enough high quality proteins.

Proteins are known to contribute to a saturated feeling and also contribute to muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. More information about this can be found on the site of the Nutrition Center. The protein-rich property of Plenti makes it very suitable for athletes, for example, but also for older people who have been advised to eat more protein-rich food. For example, meat can be too dry for the elderly, so they cannot swallow it properly. With Plenti this problem is avoided because it is very tender and juicy.