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Versatile & processable

Plenti is a globally unique, plant-based meat alternative that can easily be processed into products with that bite of meat that is so appreciated by many. Because the tenderness, shape and texture can be regulated, this meat alternative can be processed into countless types of end products. Whether it’s products that are comparable to chicken, beef, pork or fish, we have them all available.


Gluten-free, clean label, 100% plant-based, neutral in smell and taste. The ideal base for industrial and culinary food manufacturers who want to offer their own distinctive products and dishes in their market. Bulk-frozen or IQF available in different shape variants.


  • 100% plant-based on soy protein (Non-GMO (IP)) or pea protein
  • Neutral in taste & color
  • Long fiber structure (firm bite)
  • High moisture content (> 60%), protein rich (> 25%)
  • Low in fat, carbohydrates and salt, gluten-free, rich in fiber


Customised pieces, strips, cubes, patches, etc.. Directly applicable, suitable for industrial processing. Bulk-frozen or IQF-available and various flavor and shape variants.


  • Ready-made ingredients for industrial processing.
  • Shaped and flavoured as desired
  • Cooked, boiled, smoked, etc.
  • Pieces, cubes, strips, skewers, snacks, sauces etc.
  • Applicable in pasteurised and sterilised applications
  • Optionally IQF available